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Suzanne C.
6d ago

We moved 3 companies from one building to another one that was a couple of blocks away. They were scheduled to arrive @ 9:00 and were there by 8:45. They began right away. I have never seen harder working people in my life. They moved very quickly but efficiently. They were very friendly and made the moving experience a fun one. Our old and new office had multiple stairs (no elevators) and our desks were old and HEAVY but they moved them with no complaints. Some of the desks we even changed where they were going multiple times and they moved them each time with smiles on their faces. We had a communication misstep and had them put several boxes on the 3rd floor and then the owner decided he wanted them in the basement. Again, with smiles they moved them downstairs. They were polite, pleasant and very accommodating throughout the entire move. They didn’t leave us until approximately 6:30 that evening but they wouldn’t leave until each office was set up to our liking. I would not even consider using any moving company but this one. I’ve moved several times over the years and offices are a PAIN but they made it a fun, entertaining adventure. I would recommend them to anyone whether you are moving your office or your home. Matt, Jeremy and their crew were seriously the hardest working group of guys I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

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