The Other Side Movers, LLC - Excellent Customer Service

Whether you are living in a small 1-bedroom apartment or a large multi-story home, we will eliminate the hassle and worry from your next move.


We realize moving is a chore, so we plan to put a smile on your face with our exceptional customer service and cheerful attitude. We handle your belongings with respectful care and amaze you with our professionalism, and polite, friendly manner.

We provide packing materials, and/or do your packing for you then move you across town or across the state.

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  • We listen to your needs and ask questions to understand your concerns.
  • We survey all belongings in your home to be moved – from top to bottom, including items located in the garage.
  • We identify high value, fragile items such as pianos, paintings, antiques, and chandeliers that require custom crating.
  • We work with you to create a detailed schedule for packing, loading, and delivery.


  • We provide full or partial packing services to custom fit your moving needs.
  • Sturdy wardrobe cartons to protect clothing from wrinkling in transit.
  • Double-wall cartons to help safeguard fine china and crystal.


  • The Other Side Movers offers convenient temporary storage for residential and commercial clients free of charge for up to 30 days.
  • Climate controlled, exceptionally maintained, and fully alarmed.
  • Accessible 6 days a week during business hours.


“It was Thursday, a week before the Christmas holidays when my daughter called me. She and her husband had just been laid off from work, and by a fluke, the move out date of their apartment had been accidentally moved forward by a week, and they couldn’t extend the time without paying hefty fees.

With the help of a friend, they had managed to get a moving truck packed, but still had a lot left in the apartment. Calls to their church had gone unanswered, they lived near a university and everyone was either taking finals or had left town. Other than the friend, who had to leave, they were without help.

My wife and I came over and attempted to assist, unfortunately, due to various injuries, none of us were in a condition to move anything of size. It was going to take two trips to the storage unit- unloading, then going back to load and unload again.

It was 7:00 and they had to be out by midnight. It was already dark. I had no idea how we were going to get this done. I began adding up the late fees for the moving truck and apartment to get a little more time.

Then I remembered I had just heard about The Other Side Movers. I called them and told them of my emergency.

Incredibly, a little more than half an hour later, several hardy folks showed up and the move superintendent was organizing them into groups to accomplish tasks.

Amazingly, they unpacked the truck, staged the items in the lot next to it, brought all the other items down from the apartment, which was on the third floor and no elevator, and then carefully repacked the truck so that everything fit with lots of room to spare. This all took maybe 20 minutes after their arrival.

We drove to the storage facility, and about 15 minutes after getting there, everything from the truck was safely in storage, and we were stunned at what had just happened. We thanked them sincerely and they assured us it was nothing. That’s not the way I see it.

I won’t be making any moves, myself or other family members, without bringing them back. – David B.